New shopping policy for COVID-19.

Hello friends! We are excited to see you all again! We will be open again starting this Friday (May 8th).

We do have some rules we need talk about to make it a safe environment for everyone. As many of you know, I take my 3 year old with me most days to work. I now have to to bring all 3 kids with due to not having a sitter for them. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am putting these rules in place. I understand if you don’t want to follow them. I am not trying to infringe on your rights. I am simply trying to protect my family and run a business at the same time. New policies are as follows:

1) No refunds on opened packages.

2) No self service on the tea station. I will use gloves and a mask to get your selection.

3) No more than 4 shoppers at a time. This includes children. Children like to touch things, and not all of our products can be wiped with sanitizer without ruining the package. Having only 4 shoppers in at a time will help us be able to maintain 6ft social distance as well.

4) Do not wear gloves. Instead wash your hands.. we are a soap store after all and have a bathroom only a few feet from the door. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you come in.

I always wear a mask AND gloves (even before this virus!) when making and packaging goods!
My youngest son Wyatt comes to the shop with me frequently! Please help me keep him safe by not coming into the store if you have traveled recently or do not feel well/ have a cough. We are sorry for any inconveniences this causes. We hope to lift all the rules and go back to normal soon.

Take note we do offer doorstep delivery for free to local Holden residents. We also have $5 delivery to those within 20 miles.

Much love,


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