Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Announced in Missouri

For the full results please go to:

I’ve screen shot the local to KC area results for easier reading.

It’s obvious the larger cities should have more licenses. However, I personally feel 7 dispensaries to serve only 123,000 people is overkill.

Unfortunately with Columbia getting 7, it means card holders in smaller towns in district 4 must travel upwards of a half hour to the closest dispensary. I haven’t had a chance to map these results since they we’re just posted. However, I’m sure many other small towns are feeling left out in terms of having access to a dispensary.

Shared by NORML KC a link to Google maps view of dispensaries approved & denials.

Hopefully in the future Missouri will allow more rural areas flexibility to have dispensaries or even some sort of traveling service from nearby dispensaries to get rural patience their medicine.

Here’s the congressional district breakdown in MO:

These are just some of cities awarded.. see the full list for more details please. Also populations are simply an estimate.

Lee’s Summit (pop. 98,000) : 3

Blue Springs (pop. 55,000) : 2

Warrensburg (pop. 20,000): 1

Sedalia (pop. 21,000): 2

Columbia (pop 123,000): 7

Harrisonville (pop. 10,000): 1

Belton (pop. 23,000): 2

Independence (pop.116,000) : 4

Kansas City (pop. 491,000): 15

District 4

District 5

District 6

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