Head Cold Season! Yuck!

Let’s be honest. When you’re sick the only thing you care about is how to feel better ASAP 😷
Nobody has time to get sick. Even if its just a simple cold.. It can knock you on your ass for days on end.
So how do we avoid it in the first place? And how do we get rid of it while keeping the kids from catching it πŸ™

A couple things to know about me before diving in:

1) I’m practical. I’m not suggesting you spend hundreds on supplements. You can buy everything in this article for under $50 (including a mug and tea infuser!).

2) I’m practical. Take the OTC meds if you need them. No judgement. Just be aware of the risks and make sure you’re balancing those meds out with solid nutrition. Healthy gut is absolutely vital to EVERYTHING.

Keep reading for how I keep my family healthy all winter long!

1) Prevention via gut health.

Your immune response starts with good gut health. Colds are gonna happen- its science, but YOU CAN help cut the cold short.
Take a daily probiotic or drink kombucha and eat your fair share of berries (loaded with antioxidants!). A handful of berries day makes a huge impact!
🍲 Drinking bone broth- great for immune health and collagen (hello skin benefits). This product alone serves up soo many minerals and vitamins that are needed to maintain a healthy immune response. Look for one with added curcumin or ginger for even more inflammation fighting benefits!

Consider adding a CBD supplement. CBD has been shown help modulate the immune system. Taking just 10mg a day can improve immune system.

β˜• Stay hydrated.

Sidenote: Clean surfaces with high proof grain alcohol.
🚫 Vinegar and essential oils DO NOT prevent the spread of all nasty germs only some. I recommend using grain alcohol when cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
Sage the home regularly to cleanse the air.

2) If/ When you feel a cold coming on:

Up your intake of vitamin C and zinc. I love NOW foods effer-c drink mix for this! Or you can take their lozenge (great for folks not loving the idea of drinking a big flass of citrus flavor!)

Drink more tea (Earl Grey is known to be excellent for fighting colds, also rooibos! + mix in honey!).

πŸŽ‚ Cut out sugary drinks and foods.
Take an elderberry zinc lozenge.
Diffuse eucalyptus (not if you have young children or pets around)
πŸ›€ take a bath with a eucalyptus bath bomb.
Wash your hands!!!

πŸ• Don’t cook. Heat up a pizza or order take out so you’re not spreading your germs unnecessarily.
For the kids: Sniffle Stopper, Germ Destroyer are great choices for safe diffusing. Again- do not diffuse with pets around. Eucalyptus Dives is also great. You can make kid safe shower steamers with these blends as well!

3) Full blown head cold mode:

Add licorice root, slippery elm to your tea. Both are excellent for soothing throat pain and fighting viruses. Drink 3 cups of this a day. You can purchase both from us here: https://netties-living-naturally.square.site/ Honey and peppermint are both natural exportorants so consider adding those to your tea.

Echinacea and rosemary are also nice for throat health and immunity boosting.
Sea salt nasal spray several times a day.
Collodial Silver spray to the throat several times a day or use a spray such as TheraZinc.

🚿 use a menthol shower steamer to open your sinuses
βœ…rest when you can

βœ… get a neti pot and flush out the snot!

Again wash your hands, and don’t cook for the family.

For the kids 3+: Warm tea with a squeeze of lemon and local raw honey for throat pain.
Zinc lozenge if they’re old enough to know to suck on it / not eat it (usually ages 4+)
Collodial silver spray and sea salt nasal sprays are also safe for young children.
Kid safe essential oils (see #2)

Bone broth is safe for the entire family – pets too. Make your own or buy it at your local health food store. Be mindful of the ingredients- youre not buying soup! This is bone broth so you shouldn’t see a ton of ingredients!

Worst case scenario

πŸ™ Say you’ve tried all the natural ways to loosen up your sinuses.. Nothing is working. Take a decongestant and get the snot moving. Should the cold turn to severe coughing or high fever seek the advice of a doctor.

While most colds need to run their course- sometimes a cold turns into a more serious issue.

We love our local holistic physicians. Please seek one out if your symptoms worsen!

Rinse and repeat.

If you have a large family or suppressed immune system- you will probably deal with several rounds of colds this season. Everyone is different- if your cold lingers for more than a week definitely seek out a holistic physician for advice.

Also if your are pregnant or breastfeeding check with your doctor prior to trying new herbal supppements.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your family for head cold season! Come see us Wed- Saturday at the shop or you can purchase herbs online at out webstore here: https://netties-living-naturally.square.site/

These statements are not intended to prevent or cure any disease and have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

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