How to Propagate Succulents

I know it’s super intimidating the first time you try to propagate anything. Almost every day I see posts on social media of people asking how to propagate successfully.

Its super easy! Plus you literally don’t have to spend any money to do it. Not to mention growing plants can be very therapeutic and healing for the soul.

Tools needed:

1. Yogurt jar cap or small shallow dish of some kind to fit your leaves on. Poke a couple holes in the bottom for drainage. You can also use old nursery pots. Make sure to use smaller ones since these babies don’t need much dirt anyway.

2. Just enough succulent friendly dirt to fill the dish about 1-2 cm deep.

3. Your leaf or leaves to propagate.

Check out your local plant shop for free leaves. Many times you’ll see leaves that have fallen off due to people bumping them (or in transit). Ask someone working if they mind if you take one or 2. Most times they’ll let you take as many as you want.

If you’re wanting to propagate from a current plant you have you can very carefully pop a leaf off. To do this I choose leaves from the bottom of the plant. These are older and typically pop off easiest. You can typically gently wiggle the leaf back and forth and it’ll pop off. Do not yank it off. You need a clean break. Not a broken oozy one.

Wait a few days after they’re off the mother plant so they can form a scab/ heal over the end. The leaf will rot otherwise.

Black Prince leaves
Isn’t he beautiful?

How to plant the leaves

1.Simply place them on top of lightly damp soil.

I’m propagating all sorts of succulents!

2.Sit the dish in a warm area that gets indirect sunlight. I keep mine about a foot from a window that gets diffused morning – early afternoon sunlight.

3. Make sure the leaves are not getting overly hot or cold. They need to be approximately 70-85°F to be comfortable enough to grow roots.

Notice mine were sitting next to the window (NE facing) and most days they were okay there since its been so overcast/ rainy.

4. Spritz your leaves every 3-6 days. Do not spritz them if they are still wet from the last time. They really don’t need much water at all. The leaf is what is supplying the water at the beginning to encouraging rooting. Don’t get upset if some rot away and never root. This happens! I always have a a couple that just never take off.

After a couple weeks you should see tiny roots starting to pop out.

After 2 weeks, 2 tiny roots!
Week 3-4 baby succulents start growing!

Don’t worry if the leaf starts dying off. That eventually happens! Notice this one has several nice roots!

Once your babies are at this stage you can either keep them crowded together or move them into their own VERY small pot. Just like all succulents, they don’t like oversized pots. I transplant mine into 1 inch containers for several weeks before I move them to a bigger pot.

Getting ready to move babies into the small 1 inch containers

The process start to finish (as in a succulent that is an inch or so in size) can take 2-4 months depending on the variety.

Tips for success:

If you notice your babies are growing in height (leggy) they may need more hours of sunlight. You may consider a grow light if it is winter time where you live so they can get 10-12 hrs of sufficient light.

Use succulent soil from the store. Don’t use clay heavy or non fast draining soil.

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