Artificial Colorants and the Big Picture

We are drawn in by wild colors, the glitter, the shimmer. You want to take a photo and SHARE it with the world. We are stuck in this “Pinterest Perfect” world where everything has to be super bright and highly fragrant. However, what most people are missing is what ingredients are being used to create these super UN natural products. I’m talking about everything from icing on the cake to lip gloss, bath bombs, soap, cereal, and so much more. Grab a bottle of lotion, lip gloss, or a box of cereal.. chances are you’re going to see some familiar ingredients. Prepare to have your mind blown. Here’s a graphic list of the colors you’re dying for (thank you to for creating this!)

So what can we use instead?

There are so many all natural alternatives to these artificial colors. Some definitely work better than others, but if you’re making a home made icing or similar- these are healthy and eat alternatives to artificial food coloring!

Orange: Carrots, turmeric (careful, will stain!), Pumpkin.

Yellow: Orange or Lemon Peel

Green: Chlorella, Spinach, Spirulina.
Purple-Blue: Black berries (careful, will stain!) , Blue berries.

Red: Paprika, Strawberry.

Pink-Red: Madder Root (careful as this is more medicinal and and not safe for very young children but a tiny bit is fine!)

In my soaps I frequently use clays as well as these ingredients to create fun colors in my soap products!

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