Bone broth is for you and your pets!

Do you ever remember eating fresh made chicken noodle soup after it simmered all day long? How wonderful it could make you feel? That boost you got after a big bowl, or even just a few sips is very real. It was from the bone broth!

Bone broth is not only a beneficial food for us humans but also our furry friends. Pets that are aging, sick, or have cancer can benefit greatly! Even healthy pets benefit from the nutritious hydration! Here’s the top 5 reasons you and your dog should be consuming bone broth:

1) Helps boost the immune system! The amino acids and minerals in bone broth have been shown to boost not only our immune system but also dogs!

2) Heals leaky gut. The collagen in the bone broth seals up tears and holes in the intestines.

3) Supports joints! Bone broth not only has glucosamine but also chondroitin sulfate. The gelatin and collagen also help pad the joints.

4) Great for skin health! The collagen (again!) Is a great helper in improving your skin’s elasticity which means less wrinkles!

5) Flavorful hydration! Pets that eat kibble are in a constant state of dehydration. Adding bone broth on top of their food will not only give them many health benefits but help hydrate them.

So what are you you waiting for? Go to your local natural grocery store and get some for yourself and the pets too! Or better yet make your own! Here’s a link to Dog’s Naturally Magazine recipe on a great bone broth for your dogs:

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