Is your pet getting TOO hot? Learn what to look for!

It’s extremely hot here in Missouri. As for a matter of fact, we’re currently under a heat advisory. So what does this mean for our pets?

1) Keep trips outside short! 10-30 minutes is plenty of time for most pets to do their business. It’s also enough time to start getting hot! So be watchful: when they’re done going potty, bring them inside!

2) Avoid pavement! The pavement itself can literally burn your pets paws off. Stay in grassy areas or carry your pet. No excuses.

3) Keep hydrated! Make sure all pets are well hydrated prior to trips outside. Especially if you plan on being outside for extended periods of time.

4) When traveling: Do not leave your pets in a vehicle ever! Temperatures rise so quickly even a 10 minute trip locked in a car can turn deadly.

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What symptoms to look for if you don’t have access to AC or will be outside with your pets for long periods of time:

1) Heavy panting

2) Lethargic or shaking (convulsions)

3) Not urinating or having diarrhea

If your pet is experiencing any of these, take a rectal temperature. If their temperature is 103° or higher it’s time to call the vet. Temperatures of 105°+ are deadly.

Some pets are at higher risk of heat related illness. If you have a pet that is overweight or has an exsisting health condition- be prepared.


1) Exercise at night! Temperatures drop when the sun isn’t out! However the pavement is still hot for a long time so check the pavement temp with your hand. If it’s too hot for your palms, it’s too hot for their paws!

Hank enjoying the grass at sunset

2) Stay in the shade! Again, direct sunlight will raise the body temperature faster than indirect sunlight.

3) Keep a bottle of water ready for your pet- offer frequent drink stops!

4) And if you must exercise- do so indoors or near water (lake, pond, sprinkler) to take a dip and cool off!

A perfect way to cool down

Remember, if you’re hot outside your pets are too!

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