Sativa Blend Terpene Review!

I promised a follow-up on the Sativa Blend! Here it is:

I’m really enjoying this terpene! It’s very uplifting and definitely gave me some extra energy! The taste isn’t bad either.. Its a subtle citrus minty taste -odd combination, but not bad.

I’ve mixed this tiny vial (.5 ml) with 15ml of MCT oil. I am taking a few drops in the AM and few more mid day as a pick me up when I’m ready to crash and need that extra kick of energy. So far it’s working wonderfully with my CBD oil isolate.

Tonight I’m going to be adding Tahoe OG to to my nightly routine to see if it helps me relax and get to sleep quicker. I’ll review Tahoe OG Friday morning after I’ve used it for a few nights.

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