Terpenes, why do they matter?

I want to start this conversation by saying that in this project I’m using isolate as well as terpenes that are not derived from the cannabis plant at all.
If your’e anything like me, you’ve tried a few reputable brands of CBD oil and have had some success with them. Or perhaps I’m speaking a foreign language to you, but it sounds a little familiar. Here’s the scoop- CBD is really taking off worldwide. Its nothing new, but more people are getting educated on it and sharing their success with it. You have to be careful though… some companies don’t care to test their final products for purity & potency, heavy metals, solvents, terpenes, much less microbial contaminants. If there’s ANYTHING you take from reading this blog entry I hope it’s this: If the 3rd party batch results are not IMMEDIATELY available for your viewing pleasure- do not open it. Do not ingest it.

Why Terpenes?

I’m not quite getting the specific results I want. I’m looking for an oil I can take during the day to help with energy and then one at night to help combat insomnia and every day stress. Most importantly I want to control my tremors. I want them to go away.

What I have been finding in many of the CBD oils I try is they have a seemingly random terpene profile. I literally thought there were only maybe 10 terpenes because it’s all I ever saw on the 3rd party batch results. It was always same terpenes but in varying amounts- lemonene, linalool, myrence , pinene, humulene, and a few others. Honestly, I didn’t even know what terpenes were whenever I was reading the third party batch results. This really sparked my interest in researching terpenes.
In my early research I didn’t realize there were over 100 terpenes! I was really in over my head. I’m still learning; there’s simply a wealth of information out there that I haven’t touched and even more that science keeps uncovering. The most important truth that I’ve absorbed so far though is that terpenes are extremely important for those looking for a particular therapeutic use for their oil. For those of you that are still struggling to understand: terpenes are what give plants their aroma and taste. They also help guide the effect of your CBD oil (or cannabis high if that’s your -legal- jam). To those that understand science little bit more here is the actual definition as provided by Google:

After weeks of research I decided it was time to venture out and do a little experimenting. Since I’m not comfortable mixing my own profile (yet) I chose some that are well researched and match what I want to achieve. Some are great for energy, others are better for sleep. I’ll be taking each sample (mixed in oil) for several days in a row and keeping a live diary of my results. I’m following the guidelines set by True Terpenes to mix my terpenes at a 3% by volume in MCT oil.

My samples!

The first terpene blend I’m using is my sample of Sativa Blend. This profile is typically used to increase energy. The dominant terpenes in Sativa Blend are :

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene

I’m really hoping to get better results by adding in specific blends of terpenes.
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To learn more about mixing terpenes I suggest inquiring with whomever you purchase them through. Terpenes are very concentrated and therefore dangerous. Do not risk harming yourself due to lack of education.