Gardening Season

My son Wyatt hanging out by the raised garden beds

My favorite time of year is finally here. I love these rainy days.. the temperature is perfect for a light jacket. Most of all- it’s time to get the garden going again.

It’s May and my asparagus has decided to finally pop back up. Better late than never I suppose? I was getting worried that this unpredictable Missouri weather had killed it for good. As per the usual- I’m taken by surprise.

So I’ve been pulling weeds here and there that I let over grow in my raised garden beds last fall. It’s been a work in progress for a couple weeks. Having 2 elementary age kids and an infant will make you lose track of time! Regretfully I didn’t utilize my garden to it’s full potential last season but I’m making up for it this year.

I’ve put about 40 lbs of compost in each box, turned the soil, and found some old garden tools hiding in the dead weeds. As my husband says ‘Shoulda put those in the shed where they belong so they won’t get rusted’. So, needless to say- I need new tools. I trimmed up the black berry bushes somewhat Sunday. Talk about getting out of control! I was pulling thorns out of my hair all day. It was not fun, but I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment when I was done.

Since then I have planted 2 full (new) boxes of strawberries, a few peppers, and tomatoes. My asparagus box is coming along nicely, as well as my goji berry, blue berries, blackberries, and herb box. I have so much mint that i just might have to open a mojito bar to use it all up.

I hope to plant even more beans, peas, cucumbers, and more fruit trees this year. So far I have about 100 green bean seeds planted. My dog Stormy ran me over when I was getting ready to dust around the box with Diatomaceous Earth so I called it quits.

I’m fortunate I didn’t break a bone! I bit the dust hard!

I just received a couple shipments from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I have a couple fig trees and blue berry bushes to plant as soon as this weather clears up a little. Today, I’m adventuring into the city to find a nursery with 2-3 year old apple trees so we can plant several of those this weekend. Fun times ahead!

What are you planning to plant this season? Anything new and exciting? I’m always looking for adventurous varieties to try out 😀

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