Dandelions: the most overlooked common plant

I can still remember the taste of those yellow flowers on my finger tips. As a child, I would pick tons and tons of them. Lay in the grass on a hot day, making wishes as I blew the older ones away. Oh to be a kid again! We were so care free and our body’s were rarely sore.. maybe it’s because of all those dandelions we rolled in.

BUT Dandelions are weeds! Right?

No way! However not everyone agrees. Maybe they just don’t know all the health benefits?

If you don’t know the health benefits of dandelions then you are missing out! Check out this list of benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Great source of vitamin A & vitamin K
  • Excellent for healing skin (including acne)
  • Rich in iron and protein
  • Diuretic
  • Dandelion Salve – great for dry skin & achy muscles

Take a look at my video on how I made Dandelion Salve. The full recipe is included under the video!


Recipe for Dandelion Salve:

Yield: 4, 4oz containers
Tools needed:
2 pint jars
Mesh strainer
Measuring cup
4 , 4 oz jars
Crock pot
16 oz infused oil (coconut, avacado.. your choice)
2 oz coconut oil
2-3 oz beeswax (more will make salve harder)
Optional: 15-25 drops essential oils, therapeutic grade only
Pick 4 cups worth of dandelions. ONLY pick untreated flowers, do not use flowers that are near properties that spray chemicals! The wind can carry those chemicals into your yard!!

Dry them on a paper towel for a couple days.
Next infuse in oil for 1 month.
To infuse the flowers: choose your oil (coconut works great) and pour flowers into jar. Leave about 2 inches of head space. Top off with oil being sure to cover all of them. Leave alone for a month. You can also quick process oil infusion in a crock pot of water on low for 8 hours.
With a mesh strainer or cheesecloth strain oil into a new clean jar.
Add beeswax and coconut oil. Depending on how much beeswax you use, it’ll be soft or hard. I like to use close to 3oz.
Allow to melt using low heat. A crock pot works nicely for this. Be sure to give it a stir or two. Turn heat off. After an hour add in chosen essential oils when oil has cooled down (but not set up).
At this point pour into your smaller containers and allow to cool for the rest of the day before attempting to use.
The salve should be a nice creamy yellow when it’s all set up.
This will stay good for up to a year. For best results use within the first 6 months.